Conventionally speaking, I’m a creative director, senior marketing copywriter, web and graphic designer, and event producer with 24+ years of experience in both the corporate and agency worlds, with a hearty tilt toward tech. Not so conventionally, I strive to be a bit of a renaissance ape, semi-obsessed with musical, circus and event-producing propensities.


A glance at what I’ve been up to professionally over the past many years.

The swell of the original dot-com bubble motivated me to hang an independent shingle as ‘Propellent Creative’ back in 1999. I rode out the burst on the back of Digidesign/Avid Technologies, and have since worked in a freelance capacity — rebranding as ‘The National Revue’ with expanded offerings in 2016 — supporting an eclectic potpourri of world-class brands, agencies, and entertainment entities.

Over the course of 4+ years, I served as an associate creative director and senior copywriter for the Google AdWords account. My roles involved managing marketing and advertising efforts in support of the $4+ billion SMB (Small Medium Businesses) program, which I helped develop from the ground up.
My 2.5-year adventure at Kodak Gallery was all about hyper-strategic ads, ads, ads, competing in a vertical market that was one of the most competitive of its time. The company eventually folded, and I’ve got pictures to prove it.
As a musician and Pro Tools fanatic, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work at Digidesign when it came my way. Another super-competitive vertical, another opportunity to hone my writing, editing and product-specialist chops—one other writer and I crafted almost everything that came out of the marketing department during my tour of duty there. And, coincidentally and fortuitously, the company reigned globally supreme.
In 1994, the gods smiled more than usual, and I happened into a contractual database administrator gig with Silicon Graphics (prior to that, I’d done some grunt QA work for Adobe and an early OCR/DoD company). To set the cement, I taught myself HTML as soon as the web hatched publicly while handling copywriting and webmastering duties for the company’s Developer Program. It was a mighty good time to be there—Silicon Graphics shared honors with Sun as the top super-computing company on the planet.


Life balance has always been crucial to my personal math, so I consciously maintain equilibrium at all times. My flipside has been dominated for decades by entertainment pursuits: I’ve been a semi-professional musician for 30+ years, a semi-professional clown for 15+ years, and an avid event producer for somewhere in between. Thankfully, I’ve enjoyed a very inspiring duality of success and fulfillment to date.